Reading education

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  1. One of the most entertaining moments of my tour in Iraq was when I had to help our interpreters understand the variety of meanings behind the two word combination: make up. Poor guys could speak, read, and write in English, but those two words combined were their kryptonite. 😂😂😂

      1. They eventually got it, for the most part, but the exchange was so funny we were all in stitches.

      2. I bet. I laugh when I hear American’s speak spanish. 🙂 shh… don’t tell anyone. But I can understand the humor as I used to be an interpreter before they made everyone get licenses.

      3. I grew up speaking English and Spanish, and I know what you mean. There is little funnier than a guy with a deep Texas accent speaking Spanish. They always have to sound out each syllable slowly. Of course, my wife is American, and does speak Spanish, but prefers English because she hates her accent. The end result is, I’ll tell out a question in Spanish from one end of the house, and she answers in English from the other. 😂

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