A message for parents

At Usborne Books & More, we are not only in the business of books, we are also in the business of sharing. Each and every day, there is a consultant in the country who is sharing about the importance of reading, book ownership, and even the opportunity to build your own business. Books are the … Continue reading A message for parents


My Mystical Beast: Wolf-boy Isaac

My mystical beast: werewolf came out last night during the full moon. Wolf-boy Isaac is ferociously strong. You can order your mystical beasts mask book by Gavin Tutherford & Tanya Batrak here: https://k4699.myubam.com/p/7037/mythical-beasts-masks Your kids will love transforming into unicorns and mermaids and phoenix’s and watch their imagination run wild. Continue reading My Mystical Beast: Wolf-boy Isaac

Reading makes you more emotionally intelligent

Well what do you know… It isn’t just me that says books make you smarter. Not any old book. Good quality books. Usborne Books & More are good quality fiction books. Read more about why reading fiction makes you more emotional intelligent: https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/reading-fiction-really-will-make-you-nicer-more-empathetic-new-study-says.html Continue reading Reading makes you more emotionally intelligent

Good read new title

Alastair is a children’s writer, puzzle creator and computer geek. As a puzzle creator he wrote the successful Kids’ Book of Sudoku and Kids’ Book of Kakuro series, and he is the author of the children’s picture book The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears. When it’s time for Jamie’s bedtime … Continue reading Good read new title

Spring Picks Kids Love

KIDS PICK – These Read Aloud classic story book collection are perfect for starting a child’s personal library and kicking off a love of reading and creating a parent-child bond through stories. Start your baby’s library early will kick off their reading habits and propel them forward for a lifetime of reading. Build your budding … Continue reading Spring Picks Kids Love